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This site is dedicated to myself and my interests which range all over the place. As time goes by, I will continue to refine this site to reflect my changing interests and experiences. As such, if you find the site interesting, bookmark it and check it for updates from time to time.

The Author:

I am a Systems Administrator working for Thinkstream, a small software developer located in Tigard Oregon. I am a graduate of the University of Oregon with degrees in Biochemistry and English Literature, and an alumni of Oregon Episcopal School. I am also the proud owner of two very sweet dogs, Katie and Winter.

My interests include reading Science Fiction and Mystery novels, watching movies, hiking and SCUBA diving in the Pacific Northwest. I am also very interested in Macintosh, Windows and UNIX computer operating systems and have written or worked on several books about Macintosh computers for both The Coriolis Group, Osborne McGraw Hill, Paraglyph Press, and Wiley.