Author's Interests
Curious Links


Pat Snyder Photography - A really great site to see pictures of the great outdoors and rock bands
The Petting Zoo - A great site for those interested in a more eclectic aspects of life
Oregon Rockety - A site dedicated to high power model rockets in Oregon
DVDTalk - A great site for finding out information about DVDs and DVD Players
Ilene's Machine - A great site for Macintosh folks

Waywardbit - Lair of a old friend

The Dragons Roost - Home of my good friend Athelstan


Seofon - Home of Guild Seofon on the Xev server

BlackBurrow Stout Company - Home of BlackBurrow Stout Co. Guild
EQ Atlas - The best map site on the web for EverQuest
Allakhazam's Magic Realm - A really good site for information about EverQuest
EQlizer - Another really good site for information about EverQuest
Casters Realm - The best place for information on magic and spells in Everquest

Computer Security
Packet Storm - One of the oldest and best computer security sites
Foundstone - A Computer Security company who provides some excellent software tools
Project Honeynet - A group dedicated to trapping and examining hackers and their tools
Sam Spade - A great site for finding tools and information about computer security
OpenBSD - The most secure open source operating system